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A key feature of an ERP package is its ability to integrate the various silos of an organization and help optimize the business processes, so companies can save time, cut costs, and increase efficiencies. Creating an order entry, tracking the production for the order, tracking the deliveries, developing financial reports – these and many other processes, whether internal or customer facing, can be streamlined with the right ERP solution.

ZIETA Technologies, a SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Certified Partner Company has spent years providing implementation, support and upgrade services to Small and Mid-Size  enterprises, and helping them achieve business optimization, thereby helping them cut costs, save time and increase efficiencies in their processes.

But, a large and important market remained out of reach: the thousands of small, mid-size and large businesses in the Agriculture industry vertical that can benefit from the ERP packaged solutions, but don’t have the resources to handle the cost or complexity of implementing enterprise-level software.

The same kind of solution can be incredibly valuable for companies of any size, but more often than not, small and medium size companies—or large companies with small IT departments—don’t have the resources to manage an enterprise-scale implementation.


After years of experience in the ERP market, with SAP and Oracle implementations, and upgrade projects, ZIETA decided to develop an industry solution for the Agriculture vertical, to help integrate the end to end business processes for the agricultural farmers, starting with Growers Identification, till contract, cultivation, harvest and procurement of farm products for Sugar Industry, Winery Operation, Fruit Processing Industry etc.

The solution covers operations undertaken during a planting session – like maintaining registration details (estimated yield, actual yield, etc), and covers all payments (Grower, Vehicle and harvester bills are processed, and payments are made, reimbursement of loans from the bank are also covered in the solution).

The processes are mainly classified into Grower Registration, Planting Forecast, offer and allotment, Pre-Planting Process, Grower contract and After Cultivation Process, Harvest and Supply Process, and Loans and Advances Process/Fertilizer Delivery Process. The implementation covers end to end integration of all these processes to provide a well rounded package for the industry.

Benefits with ZIETA:

Customers in the Agriculture Industry vertical benefit with a single end-to-end solution. ZIETA also brings along the aforementioned benefits:

Cost Benefit: ZIETA is highly competitive on the implementation, providing a fixed cost and a rapid implementation. The pre-configured industry solution comes with defined industry best practices and helps in providing a rapid implementation, thereby allowing the customers to have low cost of owning the enterprise-level software.

Timely Implementation: ZIETA offers a timely implementation with this pre-configured Oracle IS Agriculture solution, with a fixed cost and a fast implementation.

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