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REAChRegistration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals – which came into force June 1, 2007 shifts the burden for proving the safety of substances, products, and consumer use of those substances and products to the businesses that manufacture and import them. What’s more, businesses must work within the REACh process framework to establish that proof by submitting REACh-compliant product information about its substances and products and their intended commercial use. If the substance information does not satisfy REACh legislation, the business will be denied authorization, registration, and ultimately the right to import and manufacture that substance within the EU. Processing a few thousand substance registrations (REACh has identified 32,000 substances that require registration) is a huge operational challenge that would be impossible to master without a leading-edge software solution.

REACh compliance is affecting businesses in many way. First of all, REACh compliance spans many different functional areas of a company, including purchasing, product development, manufacturing, materials planning, logistics, quality assurance, and finance and sales, but the list can vary depending on your organization. REACh really has triggered a shift of thinking in many companies. In the past, this would have been seen as an environmental health and safety functional silo. Today, given the substantial penalties for noncompliance, executives realize that compliance requires communication across all functional areas

Secondly, REACh requires companies all along the supply chain to work together. Upstream, manufacturers need to ensure the materials they procure are compliant. Downstream, they need to gather information on the use and exposure scenarios of their customers.

Finally, REACh compliance affects companies in many different industries beyond chemicals. Every company importing or manufacturing more than one metric ton of a chemical substance must define and implement business processes related to the handling of that substance.

Companies in areas as diverse as oil and gas, consumer products (detergents, to name one), pharmaceuticals, plastics (toys, for example), coatings, and even electronics are affected by the REACh legislation. Some of these companies will be using the same chemical substances and that requires coordination between them, essential to eliminate duplication of effort and paperwork. What business people need, therefore, is guidance on how to break down the complexity of REACh legislation into actionable requirements at the business process level. Regardless of whether you are a project manager, business process designer, enterprise architect, or a concerned business user, the Business Process Expert community can help you access and exchange compliance best practices, tools, and methodologies.

The key concept of REACh is No data – No market. This means that a company that does not fulfill the requirements of REACh will not be allowed to manufacture the specific substance within the EU or import/export it into the EU. REACh registration is to be done by each legal entity. So if you do not register, you will not be able to import a substance even if another company has registered that substance. Please also note that REACh regulates each chemical substance and not Products, which means that manufacturers and importers must review for REACh compliance all constituents contained in their products. Depending upon the number and complexity of chemicals, it can be a tremendous amount of work to break down all products into the contained substances. REACh does have a phase-in period that allows companies to continue manufacturing or importing chemicals already on the existing chemical registry (EINECS), provided the manufacturer or importer has ”pre-registered” the substance by providing certain basic information on the chemical

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